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  • Slipping

    17th Sep 2020 by

    I can feel myself slipping into Poetry because I’m slipping more and more of my Bludgeoned days into the drawers of poems Drawn from myself out of nothing between Emailing and list-calling and cell-filling and during Sleepless nights scanning the sheep-less Fields of my memories excavating the buried scraps All buzzed with insomnolent abstraction Before… Read more

  • Pablo Neruda and the Virtues of Laziness

    27th Aug 2020 by

    Originally published in Empty Mirror in May 2020: As history progresses, writings from the past can often take on fresh and unexpected potency; for instance, returning to the ecologically-focused poetry of Pablo Neruda, I found new significance in two thematically connected pieces: ‘Ode to Laziness’ (1954) and ‘Lazybones’ (1958).  What with the current worldwide… Read more

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